Here is a sampling of just some of the testimonials from clientele and other attorneys:

Clientele Testimonials

"Mr. Kohan had much of my rental arrears forgiven and got me the time I needed to move out after aggressively defending me and swaying the judge's opinion in my favor after going to the appeals court."

-J.L., Franklin Square, NY 


"Michael Kohan did an outstanding job counseling me after a car accident involving a total loss of one of my leased vehicles."

 -M.Z., Oakland Gardens, NY


"[Mr. Kohan] was able to secure consistent payments for lost wages on my behalf during the course of my car accident case which I absolutely needed to help make ends meet. The case's settlement amount was also more than I had anticipated."

 -J.G., Great Neck, NY


"As a community leader/mediator, I can always count on [Mr. Kohan] to get the best results for matrimonial and other clients I refer to him."

 -J.M., Ocean County, NJ


"I was unfortunate enough to suffer separate inures after tripping on an uneven sidewalk and my involvement in a car accident, both in Brooklyn. Mr. Kohan was there to help at every step of the way and was always available to personally answer whatever questions I had."

-F.C., Brooklyn, NY


"You (Michael Kohan) did an outstanding job handling two of my personal injury cases."

 -D.C., Great Neck, NY


"Being from Israel, I was not familiar with American laws on creating a corporation. Mr. Kohan knew exactly what to do and created it in no time. I saved myself a lot of time and heartache by going to him."

 -R.B.E., Roslyn Heights, NY


"[Mr. Kohan] represented my companies as both landlords and tenants, and was able to navigate the landlord/tenant courts much more efficiently and effectively than my prior attorneys."

-D.D., Kings Point, NY


"Thanks you (Michael Kohan)! Because of your experience, I was able to make sure that my son could get a green card and not be deported back to Ecuador."

 -E.E., Spring Valley, NY


"Mr. Kohan guided me through a very complicated divorce and protected my assets using 'outside-the-box' thinking."

-Dr. H.S., Great Neck, NY


"I didn't expect you to get my traffic penalties reduced because of my prior incidents, but you pulled through for me. I couldn't' be happier!"

-F.H., Great Neck, NY


"Phenomenal news! Thank you so very, very much! Congratulations to you (Michael Kohan) as well on a job well done!"

-D.C. (defamation client), Brooklyn, NY


"Did anybody tell you (Michael Kohan), you're the freakin' best!? Thank you...you'll be my lifetime attorney!"

-R.S., Bronx, NY


"Michael [Kohan] - I am so indebted to you. You are an excellent lawyer. Really, you should advertise in our Korean directory. I will attest to anyone that you are the best that there is. And through it all, you have been so kind. You are a very unusual lawyer. Thank you ever so much...You are a brilliant lawyer!" 

"Thank you for helping me. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for always being patient.  Thank you for always being kind. I am very grateful.  Extremely thankful to you." 

"You are a master of the legal English language. My goodness. Thank you very much!!"

-K.Y. (Commercial Client), New Hyde Park, NY


"I want to thank you (Michael Kohan) for all your hard work on this case and of course I will take the settlement."

-S.B. (Product Liability Client), Lynbrook, NY


"Thank you for helping me get that plea deal. I can see it took a lot of hard work."

-J.M., Stony Brook, NY


"Wow, excellent letter! I like your writing, Michael...you play hardball and I like it. I wish I knew you in a corporate case I had last year."

-B.R. (Commercial Litigation Client), New York, NY


"You make me smile :). Thanks so much Mr. Kohan for all your excellent work."

-E.N. (NYC Landlord), Bayside, NY


"I want to thank you (Michael Kohan) and Patricia for all your hard work on my niece's Special Immigration Juvenile Status case. I will recommend you to all my friends and family."

-B.F. (Immigration Client), Brooklyn, NY


"You (Michael Kohan) did an amazing job reviewing those shareholder and employment agreements for me! I'm definitely going to pass your name around."

-Dr. F.S., Rockville Centre, NY


Attorney Testimonials

"I consistently refer Mike [Kohan] my complex briefs and motions as well as Special Immigrant Juvenile Status cases, as he's repeatedly proven himself as my 'secret weapon.'"

 -P.M., Attorney, Kew Gardens, NY


"I constantly rely on Michael [Kohan] for his advice on litigation matters when handling my own cases involving estate disputes. He's an invaluable asset to my practice."

 -J.M.S., Attorney, Manhasset, NY


"Michael [Kohan] did an outstanding job counseling my father after a car accident. I would not hesitate at all to send clients his way."

-Attorney, Port Washington, NY


"This case was a huge victory for us! Thanks for working with me on this."

-M.C., Attorney, New York, NY


"I refer all my special immigrant juvenile status clients to you (Michael Kohan) because I know that you know what you're doing. I wouldn't send them anywhere else." 

-N.M. Attorney, New York, NY


"I want to congratulate you on a job well done. Article 78 Petitions like yours are almost never granted and yours was one of the few that was." 

-Opposing Attorney from Nassau County Attorney's Office, Mineola, NY


"You are the first person I ever think of when being consulted from a client on legal matters I don't handle." 

-M.O., Attorney, Monsey, NY 


"You are a gentleman and a scholar." 

-P.G., Attorney, New York, NY

"Excellent job - A work of art."  

 -M.S., Attorney, Roslyn Heights, NY

"Mike (Kohan), this is superb!" 

-F.C., Attorney and Client, Great Neck, NY


"My discomfort is with the fact that I don't think you are charging us enough for excellent work and the superb attention you are giving my team :-). Seriously, I am quite pleased with our relationship." 

 -A.O., Attorney, New York, NY


"Wow! I read the brief — top notch lawyering!!!!! I mean, wow!!!! There are too many favorite parts to name. I wasn’t sold on the reasonable excuse argument a few months ago, but after reading your arguments and case law I’m now convinced, and I hope the court publishes an opinion siding with all of our arguments... all misrepresentations made by the “[name redacted]” were beautifully presented. Outstanding!" 

-J.G., Attorney, Charlotte, NC


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