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If you have been seriously injured in a side-impact car accident in Nassau or Suffolk County or anywhere in the five boroughs of New York City due to someone else’s negligence, the experienced car accident attorneys of Kohan Law Group in Manhasset are here to help. We will use our legal knowledge and persuasive skills to fight for meaningful compensation. Moreover, your initial consultation is free and we will charge you no attorneys’ fees until we recover damages.

Our side-impact collision lawyers know all too well how overwhelming a serious car accident can be — physically, emotionally, and financially. For example, it can be devastating to be unable to work while exorbitant medical bills come rolling in along with the usual bills. We will stand up for you in and out of court, determined to get you the funds you need to replace lost income, pay medical costs, and compensate you for your pain and suffering.

You can trust our prowess in the field of personal injury. Our ability to create effective strategies is reflected in our track record of successful outcomes.

Types of Side-Impact Accidents

Although “T-bone” accidents are the most common type of side-impact crashes, there are actually three general types of such accidents:

1. T-bone accidents frequently occur when a vehicle going straight ahead collides with a vehicle making a left turn, or when one driver runs a red light or stop sign and hits the side of another vehicle. In this type of collision, the driver turning left is usually at fault, as is the driver going through a stop sign or red light. There is always the possibility, however, that the driver heading straight was to blame, like, for example, if the car turning had a green arrow. 

It is also possible that the crash occurred on a slippery or poorly maintained road surface, or that more than two vehicles were involved in the accident. Our side-impact car accident attorneys are ready to assert claims against whoever is responsible, even if a third party is to blame, such as a government agency that failed to maintain the road properly or a car manufacturer that produced and distributed a car with a substantial defect. 

2. Lateral Side-Impact Collisions, also known as sideswipe accidents, are collisions in which generally occur when one driver crosses over the line that divides the lanes and smashes the side of another car in the adjacent lane. Whether the sideswiping driver failed to check their rearview mirror, was intoxicated, impaired, aggressive, or simply distracted, that person will be held accountable for the crash.

The only likely exception would be if there was a mechanical defect that made the sideswiping driver unable to control the car, in which case our attorneys would pursue the proper party for product liability.

3. Single Driver Side-Impact Collisions, as expected, involve only one driver. The collision is not with another vehicle, but rather with a tree, a fence, roadblock equipment, or some other obstruction or inanimate object. Typically, single-driver side-impact accidents are the result of one of three things:

  • The driver fell asleep, experienced a medical event, or was distracted, intoxicated or impaired by drugs 
  • The driver swerved to avoid another vehicle, an animal, or unexpected debris 
  • The car has a defect that made the driver unable to control the car
  • A large pothole or other road defect caused the driver to veer off the road

Even if you are the only person actually involved in a single-driver side-impact crash, our attorneys will investigate the cause of your accident and hold the proper party accountable for negligent or reckless misconduct. We may be able to settle with the party to blame through negotiations alone, but if not, we are well-prepared to take them to court.

Whatever type of side-impact car accident resulted in your serious injury, you can count on Kohan Law Group’s savvy legal team to take the necessary steps to recover the damages you deserve.

Damages Our Car Accident Attorneys Will Fight to Win

In the aftermath of a car accident that has resulted in injuries, financial worries about today’s bills and tomorrow’s security only make the situation more stressful. You can rest assured that our lawyers will fight aggressively to get you economic and non-economic damages, including:

  • Property damage
  • Medical and rehabilitation expenses
  • Long-term nursing care
  • Lost income, present, and future
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disability
  • Scarring and disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

If you have tragically lost a loved one in a wrongful death, we will work tirelessly to get you the resources you need for final medical costs, funeral expenses, and loss of financial and emotional support.

Services Kohan Law Group Provides

In our effort to bring you the compensation you are entitled to, we will:

  • Handle all communications with opposing lawyers and insurance adjusters
  • Investigate the accident site
  • Examine all police reports and medical records
  • Interview witnesses
  • Confer with experts who may be called to testify on your behalf 

Variables That Affect the Severity of T-Bone Collisions

According to the NIH, side-impact car accidents account for twenty-five percent (25%) of car accidents. While some fortunate individuals are able to walk away from such collisions, a significant number suffer more severe, permanent injuries. The variables that affect the severity of side-impact collisions include:

  • The size and speed of the vehicles involved
  • Where the drivers and passengers are seated
  • How well-equipped the car is with safety features (e.g. side airbags, large side mirrors)
  • Whether seatbelts are worn

The Most Common Injuries Caused by Side-Impact Collisions

Side-impact collisions can result in a wide range of injuries. Much depends on the force and angle of impact. Severe side-impact car accidents can result in:

Whatever type of injury you have sustained, our compassionate attorneys will stand by you and do everything we can to support you now when you need it most.

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