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Steps to Take After a Trip or Slip and Fall in a Parking Lot

Trip and slip and fall accidents occur in parking lots all of the time. Many factors can cause them. A trip or slip and fall is usually sudden, unexpected, and can cause serious injuries when it occurs.

When it happens, most people are shocked. When they hit the pavement, it’s usually with a big bang, and the air is knocked out of their lungs. Most people don’t realize how badly they are hurt at first. They are usually in shock for a few minutes. But after a while, when the adrenaline subsides, the pain starts to set in.

This article will discuss what you should do when you trip or slip and fall in a parking lot. It will focus on what you should do immediately after the accident and what you should do in the minutes, hours, days, and weeks following.

Common Causes of Parking Lot Trip or Slips and Falls

People can slip, trip, and fall in a parking lot for many reasons. Sometimes, it depends upon the season and weather. Obviously, with colder weather and winters on Long Island and in the New York area, people have to contend with a lot of winter weather.

Here are some common causes of slips and falls in parking lots:

  • Loose debris and garbage
  • Unseen and unmarked curbs
  • Parking barriers 
  • Accumulated leaves
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Potholes
  • Uneven pavement
  • Shoddy construction
  • Accumulation of ice and snow
  • Unseen black ice
  • Slick asphalt due to excess rain

Someone can hurt themselves in any one of these situations. But also, a combination of several factors can result in an accident. 

For example, someone may see a pothole, uneven pavement, or even accumulated ice during the day and avoid it. But if they were walking in the parking lot at night and there wasn’t enough lighting, they could slip and fall and seriously hurt themselves on a different defect.

What to Do After a Slip and Fall

There are actions that you should immediately take after a trip or slip and fall incident. Here’s what you should focus on after your trip or slip and fall in a parking lot:

  • Call 911 immediately to report your accident and injury
  • Report the incident to a supervisor at the location/business where you fell
  • Record the name and job title of the person you reported it to
  • Take photographs and video of the scene of the incident
  • Specifically, photograph the exact cause of your fall and note its precise location in the lot
  • Obtain the names and contact information of any witnesses
  • Contact an experienced New York (including Long Island) slip and fall attorney

Here are the actions you should focus on in the minutes, hours, days, and weeks after a slip and fall incident in a parking lot:

  • Don’t assume your injuries will just go away without treatment
  • See a medical doctor immediately
  • Follow up with the treatment plan prescribed by your doctor
  • Make every appointment with all of your medical professionals
  • Take all of your medications and treat as prescribed
  • Keep a diary of your daily symptoms and the things you couldn’t do, or were restricted in doing, because of the injuries

Following these steps will help you get better sooner and also helps your case.

Seeing a doctor and following through with their treatment plan will help your physical recovery and evidences your serious injuries. This helps your knowledgeable and skilled lawyer fight to get you compensation for your injuries and the pain and suffering you’ve endured.

Our New York/Long Island Trip and Slip and Fall Attorneys Are Here to Help!

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