Truck driving down road

Catastrophic Truck Accident Injuries

Anyone who has ever driven a car can tell you that driving is one part exhilarating and one part terrifying. The ability to travel hundreds of miles at high speeds and go exactly where you choose is amazing, but the fear of smashing your multi-ton vehicle into another multi-ton vehicle is all too real.

That fear is multiplied when you consider the consequences of a truck accident. While truck accidents are significantly rarer than accidents with other passenger vehicles, they are much more likely to result in catastrophic results.

Common Catastrophic Injuries in Truck Accidents

The average truck is at least five times the weight of the average passenger car and may be as much as twenty times the weight. All this extra weight means that it can tear through the average car, effectively removing the main sources of protection that passengers have during an accident.

When a car is torn up in a truck accident, passengers can be thrown from the vehicle. These accidents can result in common catastrophic injuries like:

  • Severed limbs
  • Crushed bones
  • Spinal cord damage that may lead to paralysis
  • Torn ligaments and tendons
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Skin tearing or burning

Nearly all of these injuries lead to lifelong consequences and even death. Even with long-term medical attention, you could be in severe pain for the rest of your life.

What to Do After a Catastrophic Truck Accident Injury

If you suffered a catastrophic truck accident injury, you will need to know what to do next. The first thing you need to do is to focus on your health. You will likely be taken to an emergency room and treated by doctors. This is not the time to worry about insurance. 

Accept any treatment that they recommend, and once you are beyond immediate danger, start asking questions about specialists, if needed.

Once you start receiving the proper medical care, consult with an attorney who practices accident law. They can start the process of getting you compensation for your injuries. 

How a Lawyer Can Help After a Catastrophic Truck Accident Injury

If you have suffered a catastrophic injury in New York, you may find it a bit complicated to get compensation. You will need to deal with an insurance claim and possibly a lawsuit, all while trying to recover from a life-changing injury. That is a bit much to ask of anyone. Working with a personal injury attorney makes the entire process significantly easier.

Your attorney can communicate with your insurance company and the insurance company of the other party (since it will likely be covering that additional compensation), and the other party’s attorneys. This ensures that you start the process of getting the compensation you need without delay.

If you have suffered a catastrophic injury in a truck accident in Nassau County, Long Island, or anywhere else in New York, a personal injury lawyer from the Kohan Law Group can help you pursue compensation. Contact our attorneys today for a free consultation and to learn about your options.