Pedestrians about to cross the street

Legal Rights of Injured Pedestrians: Holding Negligent Drivers Accountable

Long Island has a population of more than seven million people. Because of this, motor vehicle traffic is often congested, and unfortunately, accidents are likely. 

All car accidents are dangerous, but those involving pedestrians are especially so. Pedestrians do not have the protection of the safety features provided by cars and trucks.

Even if you are following the traffic laws as a pedestrian, negligent drivers can be a threat. If you have been hurt while walking in Long Island, you may be owed compensation for your injuries.

Pedestrian Laws

The traffic laws regulating pedestrians in Long Island are similar to those in other locations. When someone is using a crosswalk, they usually have the right-of-way.

This means that drivers should generally stop and allow pedestrians to cross roadways at predetermined locations. However, pedestrians are also supposed to follow traffic laws and signals at intersections.

For example, when a pedestrian sees a red light at an intersection, they should not continue walking. At a green light, the pedestrian may walk and has the right-of-way. 

Drivers of motor vehicles have a duty of care to those sharing the roads. This includes pedestrians. Motorists who are careless or reckless may be held legally liable for the harm they cause.

Steps to Hold Negligent Drivers Accountable

When you have been hurt as a pedestrian, it is critical to take steps to protect your legal rights. This will help you hold the responsible driver legally and financially accountable for their actions. 

In the aftermath of an accident, make sure to take the following actions as soon as possible:

Check for Injuries

The most important issue is your personal and physical safety. Move to a safe location after the collision, if possible. If you cannot move, call out for help from nearby witnesses, or call emergency service responders.

Seek Medical Attention

Even if you do not know whether you are injured, it’s essential to seek medical attention. If you have sustained injuries that are not immediately apparent, having a medical record will help you file a successful claim later.

Contact Authorities

You should contact local law enforcement or emergency service responders as soon as you can. The responding officers will create an accident report containing the following information:

  • The names and contact information of the involved parties
  • The time, location, and date of the accident
  • Detailed descriptions of the resulting physical and property damage

These reports can be invaluable when filing a claim to hold the at-fault party responsible.

Collect Information and Evidence

If possible, you should collect information about the collision. Take photos or videos of the scene of the accident. Visual evidence of the following factors may be useful:

  • Property and vehicular damage
  • Evidence of physical injuries
  • Road conditions
  • Relevant signage or landmarks

It is also important to gather information from the other individuals involved. This information will help with any insurance claim or resulting lawsuit.

Notify Your Insurance Provider

Have your personal injury attorney contact your insurance company to notify them about the accident. Your attorney will provide them with details of the incident and effectively handle communications with your adjuster to help ensure you aren’t denied the money you deserve.

Hiring an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Is Key

One of the most important steps for holding negligent drivers accountable is securing reliable legal representation. A skilled attorney will review the facts of your accident in Long Island and build a case to help you recover the compensation to which you are rightfully entitled.

If you have been injured as a pedestrian in Nassau County, turn to Kohan Law Group for aggressive, personalized representation. Our dedicated team has earned a reputation for superior results and creative litigation strategies. Contact us to schedule a consultation with a seasoned personal injury lawyer today.