Large truck driving down a freeway

Steps to Take if You Have Been Involved in a Wide-Turn Truck Accident

Truck accidents are scary and stressful for everyone involved, especially if you suffer harm. Because semi-trucks pose such great danger on the roads, collisions with these massive vehicles are common. 

Wide-turn truck accidents are some of the most common kinds of trucking collisions. If you’ve been involved in a wide-turn crash, the following steps can help you. 

What Is a wide-turn accident?

Driving a semi truck is a unique experience due to the size and weight of these massive vehicles. Trucks don’t move the same way cars do and require special maneuvering.

When turning, commercial vehicles require much more space, particularly during tight right turns. Additionally, trucks have much larger blind spots than other vehicles, making it challenging to see others in the vicinity. 

As the name indicates, a wide-turn accident is a collision occurring while a semi truck makes a turn. These accidents happen for several reasons, including lack of driver training or experience or negligent driving.

A wide-turn accident can result in extensive property damage and injury, including soft tissue injuries, spinal cord injuries, and head and neck injuries. 

If you’re involved in a wide-turn truck accident, you may have the opportunity to pursue compensation from the responsible party, which could include the truck driver and their employer. 

What to Do After a Wide-Turn Truck Collision

After a wide-turn crash, you might feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next. The following steps can help guide you and ensure you protect your rights to potential monetary recovery in the future. 

Call the Police

After every truck accident, you should call 911 right away. Don’t try to handle your collision alone. Law enforcement officers can assist and also gather pertinent information while on the scene.

Police accident reports play critical roles in truck accident claims. They can help answer many questions, including cause and liability. For this and many other reasons, calling the police is a necessary step. 

Get Medical Attention

It’s not common to walk away from a truck accident with no injuries. Therefore, it’s vital that you seek medical attention right away.

If you’ve suffered serious injuries that require immediate attention, paramedics can render aid at the scene. Still, regardless of whether you receive medical care right after your accident, you should follow up with your primary care physician or a doctor at an emergency room for further treatment.

Collect Information and Evidence

If possible, start obtaining information while on the scene. Get the truck’s information, including the name of the trucking company, the tag number, and the truck driver’s information. 

Also, snap photos and take videos of the scene, and ask any witnesses for their contact details. 

Contact Your Auto Insurer

Even if an accident wasn’t your fault, your auto insurance company still needs to know their insured vehicle has been involved in a collision. As soon as you’re able to, contact your car insurance company and give them the details of your truck accident. 

Discuss Your Case with a Truck Accident Lawyer

Contrary to what many believe, truck accident claims can be much more complicated than regular car accident claims. Consequently, taking your case to a skilled lawyer with experience handling truck accident cases is key.

During your initial consultation, your lawyer can give you qualified advice and guidance. Once hired, your attorney can investigate your accident and determine how best to handle your particular claim. Your lawyer’s primary goal is favorable compensation to help cover your accident-related losses.

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