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What to Expect After Being Involved in a Pedestrian Accident

As a pedestrian, being struck by a vehicle can be scary and painful. This is typically referred to as a “pedestrian knockdown.” Whether you’re taking a jog along the streets of Long Island, crossing the busy streets of New York City, or walking into a shopping center, getting hit by a car can have life-changing consequences. After being struck by a car, truck, or another vehicle, understanding what to do can help you get the treatment you need and increase your chances of holding the driver who caused the accident responsible.

Soft tissue injuries, broken bones, and traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are common for pedestrians to suffer as a result of being struck by a car. Healing from these injuries can take time and may require extensive medical treatment, including surgery. Long-term aftercare may include physical therapy, orthopedic care, pain management, and/or chiropractor visits. If you’ve been struck by a vehicle, then you may have a case for holding the driver and/or vehicle owner responsible for your injuries. The damages you recover could cover your medical bills and compensate you for pain and suffering.

After a pedestrian accident, here are a few steps to take to protect your safety and rights.

Remain Calm After A Pedestrian Accident

Right after the accident, you’re likely in shock and pain. You may even feel angry. But be careful what you say. It’s okay to cry, but try to refrain from yelling at the driver or others involved. Anything that you say may be used by the other party and their insurance carriers to minimize the injuries you sustained.

Call Emergency Services

Even if you don’t feel hurt or don’t think you need an ambulance, it’s important to call the police and emergency services. Right after being hit, your body releases adrenaline, which can mask the extent of your injuries. EMTs are trained to stabilize injuries and safely transport you to further medical resources. 

You’ll also need the police to come to the scene and start an accident report. It’s essential to have this documentation for your personal injury lawyer to build your case for damages. The medical reports after your accident detail the extent of your injuries and their impact on your life, including your ability to go to work.

Memorize Details and Take Witness Information

The police will interview any witnesses of your accident, but you can also take down as much information as possible. If the driver left the scene of the accident, being able to provide a memorized license plate, the make and model of the car, and what the driver looked like can make a difference in the investigation. The more details you’re able to provide, the better able the police will be to find them. Your lawyer will also need as much information as possible to build your case. Note whether any cameras may have captured the incident.

Collect Documents and Evidence

The police report, emergency medical treatment documents, witness statements, and doctor’s notes from subsequent medical visits after your accident all establish your case for damages. When your lawyer initiates your claim, they’ll ask for economic damages, funds to cover your medical bills and property damage, and even compensation for lost wages. Statements from your doctors and the police report can help your attorney put your case together.

Hire an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer might not be the first thing you think of after you’ve been hit by a car, but it’s an essential step to getting you the compensation you deserve. The other party’s insurance company may attempt to give you a fast settlement for as little money as possible. Or, they may allege that you weren’t injured at all. 

Your lawyer is your advocate, negotiating with the driver’s attorneys and insurance company to ensure that your medical bills, including ongoing care, are covered. They represent your interests and will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, or fight for justice in court, if necessary.

Do you need representation after a pedestrian accident?

We know that being involved in a pedestrian accident can be overwhelming. Contact Kohan Law Group to consult in person or online with a personal injury attorney in Nassau County, so that you are not at a severe disadvantage when going up against a large insurance company and the attorneys they hire. 

Remember, we do not collect a dime in attorneys’ fees or expenses until and unless you recover money damages. Even after our fees come out of any settlement or verdict, due to the skill and experience of our attorneys as well as our highly trained support staff, you will almost always walk away with more money than you would have had you gone it alone. Get in touch with our office today.